When most of us think of sapphire we think of a beautiful blue gem. Sapphires occur in a rainbow of colors. Sapphire are found in a variety of hues including pink, orange, yellow, green and purple.Sapphires

Both sapphire and ruby are members of the corundum family. If the predominant color is red we call it a ruby, otherwise it’s a sapphire. Some of the best known sources for sapphire are Burma, Kashmir and Ceylon.

The coloring agent in blue stones is iron and titanium and in velvet stones, vanadium .

In ancient times, the sapphire was considered the symbol of heaven. It was also said to bestow innocence, truth and good health upon the wearer. Today we view a sapphire's beauty as its own reward.Sapphire and diamond ring

Mohs’ Hardness: 9

Sapphires are a good choice for your jewelry. It’s a tough, durable gemstone that can be used for a variety of purposes.

Sapphires display pieochroism. By that I mean as you rotate a sapphire you will typically observe slightly different colors. In a blue gemstone you might see blue and then what appears to be a slight darkening of the color. A blue stone could also appear blue then bluish green. A yellow stone might appear yellow then greenish yellow. A green stone might appear green then yellowish green.

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