Tourmaline will tantalize your palate with its diversity and look of antiquity. Tourmaline, October’s alternate birthstone has many variations in color. Green Tourmaline RingTourmaline’s richness of color is one of the strengths of this gemstone. With assorted hues ranging from pink, blue, green and even black, tourmaline is one of the most versatile gemstones.

"Paraiba" tourmaline only mined in one location Brazil, has a rare greenish-blue hue with unmatched beauty touting it the most valuable of the species. Being that tourmaline was only distinguished somewhat in modern times, it has often been confused with the splendor of such gemstones as emeralds and rubies.Pink Tourmaline Ring

Although the bi-colored tourmaline is rare, most of these gems have various shades of one color or even several colors such as the "watermelon tourmaline" named for its green and pink/red color combinations.

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