Green, mixed with tones of yellow and brown, define the color of the most precious stone of the mineral olivine, Peridot. 

The birth stone for August, Peridot has many of the unique characteristics of more expensive gemstones, yet it remains affordable.

Ruby, sapphire and emerald are doubly refractive gemstones, yet this feature usually cannot be viewed with the naked eye. However, one can sometimes see the double image of pavilion facet junctions of a peridot when looking through the table. Peridot and diamond ring

The reflections and refractions of peridot cause a mosaic-like pattern of yellowish to brownish greens, yellow-greens, and lime-greens.

As with all colored gemstones, color is a crucial factor in determining beauty and value.  For peridot, the degree of brown present will play a large role in determining the stone’s value.  Those with a strong brownish color component are considered less desirable, and therefore are less valuable.

Peridot has a reputation of being somewhat of an imposter. In ancient times, this green stone was often mistaken for emerald. Historians now think the “emeralds” worn by Cleopatra were actually peridot mined on an island off Egypt.    In order to achieve this dark green color, the gemstones had to be large in size - 10 or more carats. It is rare to find Peridot this large anymore. Egypt and Burma were the two main producers of gemstones of this size and quality.

In addition to the classical Egyptian locality, peridot can be found in Myanmar (Burma), Norway, Brazil, China, Kenya, Pakistan, and here at home in Arizona and New Mexico.   Each region yields gem-quality peridot.  Norwegian peridot is light, yet close to pure green in color.  Peridot from Myanmar is slightly yellowish-green, with little brown. Currently most of the peridot supply comes from Arizona. Gemstones mined there are generally smaller and are a lighter, brighter green than the large, rare stones of antiquity. However, these gem quality pieces have a beauty all their own and make exquisite jewelry.

Please visit us at Laney’s Diamonds & Jewelry in New Town and let our highly trained staff help you select the peridot for that special August birthday or for the fashion forward woman as a self treat.   The green apple crispness of Peridot is a perfect compliment to today’s fashion scene with this cheerful summer color appealing to everyone across generations.  Come see all of our wonderful peridot jewelry. We are sure that you will want to adorn yourself much like Cleopatra. As a Member of the American Gem Society, ethics, knowledge and consumer protection are paramount.

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