Diamond - Sales - Are they real?

Diamond Studs 45% Off!   -   Really?

I recently received an advertisement from a diamond firm that specializes in diamond stud earrings.

The company sells one pair of 1 CT., white diamond studs for 45% less than another pair of 1 CT., white diamond studs. Wait a minute, how can they do this? Both pair of diamonds studs weigh the same. Both pair of diamonds are white in color. Why is there a difference in price?

Unfortunately, many consumers don't bother finding out why. They incorrectly assume they have just found a great buy. In fact, all they found was a lower price.

Don't fall into this trap. Seek the assistance of a knowledgeable jewelry professional. I recommend you speak with a Graduate Gemologist or a Certified Gemologist. Ask the expert to explain how value is measured in a diamond.

We at Laney's pride ourselves on our commitment to educating the consumer. Let our knowledgeable staff assist you in finding the right diamond for you!


Diamond ring with princess cut diamonds


Don't fall in the trap of believing so called sales prices mean you are getting a great value. Many of these offers are designed to encourage you to make a quick, uninformed buying decision. A good questions to ask is, "How long was this item offered for sale at full price before the price was reduced for this specific sale?" You may be surprised by the answer.