Diamond - Weight

This is the one feature we all think we understand, right!  I mean, obviously, the bigger the better! 

That's why  society equates beauty with size and weight.

That's how we select our cars isn't it?  "I don't care what it look like, I just want it to be heavy"

What, you don't agree, bigger is always better, than tell me why do people think a larger diamond must be more valuable than a smaller gemstone?

Weight is one of the 4 characteristics that determines a diamond's value.   Unfortunately, there are times when the consumer puts too much emphasis on weight and actual compromises beauty.

Diamond weight is measured in carats.  There are 100 points in a carat.   A half carat diamond would weigh 50 points.

One carat = 0.20 grams.

Many mass merchandisers advertise  jewelry at a particular carat weight.   When they say the ring or earrings weight 1 carat they don't mean they weigh 100 points.  If you should read the small print you would find this is the average weight.  Actual weight in the item may vary from 0.97 carats to 1.03 carats.   



Diamond ring with princess cut diamonds


Diamonds do not increase in price in a linear fashion. That is to say a 1 carat diamond isn't twice the value of a 1/2 carat diamond.  A 1 ct. diamond is much more valueable thant two 1/2 carat diamonds of the same color and clarity.

A 1 ct. diamond is one in a million!