Diamond - Clarity

The clarity grade of a diamond is assigned by  trained professionals, based on their visual examination of the gemstone under 10 power magnification.  The size, location, number and color of inclusions all impact on the clarity grade.

Some ask, "If you can't see it why is it important."

To answer this question properly we must first examine why we facet a gemstone in the first place.  A diamond is cut to maximize the return of light. 

Think of it like a house of mirrors.  We want the light that enters the diamond through the top to to be reflected off the facets on the bottom of the stone and then returned to our eyes.  Obviously anything that gets in the way of the transmission of this light will decrease the brilliance of a diamond.  The more inclusions the less brilliance.

The less inclusions, the rarer the gemstone and the higher the value.


The Gemological Institute of America created a scale to grade diamonds for clarity.  The scale starts at the top with Flawless and on the bottom includes diamonds graded Imperfect 1, Imperfect 2 or Imperfect 3.


GIA clarity grading scale





Diamond ring with princess cut diamonds


Clarity grading is a matter of opinion.  Different gemologists may assign different clarity grades for the same diamond.  Usually, this difference of opinion is one grade higher or lower than  that of another gemologist.   Today, many larger diamonds are evaluated by an independent organization.  The two most valued documents are provided by the Gemological Institute of America and the American Gem Society.  Other sources typically don't grade diamonds to the same standards of these two organizations.  Be careful, don't compare these certificated with those prepared by the Gemological Institute of America and the American Gem Society and assume they are describing features using the same standards.

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