Diamond Definitions

Dispersion- the rainbow flashes of color that a well cut diamond displays when it refracts light; also known as fire.

Scintillation- the glitter of light seen in the diamond’s crown as either the stone, the light source, or the observer moves; also called sparkle.

Brilliance- the brightness or intensity of light reflected to the eye in the "face-up" position. You should see alternating areas of light and dark that give the stone a bright, lively high-contract appearance.

Symmetry- the exactness of shape and placement of facets. A full cut diamond typically has 58 facets.

Finish- the quality of the polish (final smoothing of each facet), the condition of the girdle, and the overall precision of workmanship; sometimes referred to as the "make" of the diamond.

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Diamond ring with princess cut diamonds


Cut is what turns an opaque, dullish-gray pebble into a mirror of light. In its ultimate form, a finely shaped diamond is a masterpiece of mathematics, its angles precisely drawn. In a classic cut, each of the 58 facets is aligned in exact relationship to the others to achieve maximum beauty."

"This is the beauty seen across a dance floor or a dining room as a brilliant flash of light, alive with a rainbow of changing colors. It's what sets the diamond apart as the paragon of gemstones. It's what makes the diamond so special, so valued.

Mystic of Diamonds, A diamond is forever brochure

If we know certain dimension are preferable why does the   diamond cutter vary from these models?


Two diamonds, appear similar in size, color, clarity and cut, why is one diamond more than the other?


Why is it so difficult to find a diamond that weighs just under a carat?