Colored stones are still sizzling!

The universe of colored gemstones is endlessly fascinating. For centuries, nearly every culture has held the belief that colored gemstones possess magical powers or the ability to provide the wearer with special attributes and protections or healing properties. This way of thinking has motivated the world of fashion. Natural gemstone jewelry is mystical in all of its beauty. Women feel not only glamorous but powerful as well. Colored gemstone jewelry will continue to dominate the fashion world into the fall. The trend is less saturated and more sophisticated. White, golden and earth tones lead the summer season. White is interesting in its own right with pearls making a huge splash this season.

Mismatched stones add color, whimsy and character to jewelry, much as patina does for furniture and fine lines for faces. Mixing and matching needn’t apply only to clothing. For some jewelry designers - as colored stone pieces are still riding high in popularity - the mismatched and multicolored make colorful harmony. The contemporary and fashion forward way to go with accessories is in coordinating combinations with the colors of your outfit or as a single contrasting but complementary color or combination of colors with a black, white or neutral outfit. It is a sure fired way to add class and "wow" to any outfit. Colored gemstone jewelry is not just for birth stones any more. Accessorizing an outfit makes it unique and is how you can personalize your own look. Come on, Ladies - how is your color stone jewelry collection? Adding these natural pieces of gemstone jewelry to your wardrobe will definitely spark interest as well as pull your look together. From the young and fashion trendy to the mature exuding class and elegance, colored gemstone jewelry is an ageless style that is here to stay.


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