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Do you have a piece of jewelry that you never wear because you just don’t like it for one reason or another? Perhaps you inherited it, received it as a gift or thought you liked it when you bought it but never really did when you tried to wear it. It is just not "you". If so, it just sits in a box somewhere unworn and unloved. What a waste!

We have the perfect solution for that problem. Do you like the gemstones? Re-work the piece and make something that you absolutely love! At Laney’s Diamonds and Jewelry, we specialize in custom designs and creating one of a kind jewelry. It is how we get our greatest enjoyment! And what better way to honor Aunt Bessie who thought enough of you to leave you her favorite "dinner ring" than to make something with her diamonds that you will love and wear often? And when you collect all those compliments on your unique and marvelous new ring/pendant/earrings - whatever you choose! - you can respond that it was created especially for you at Laney’s as the perfect new home for Aunt Bessie’s diamonds.

At Laney’s we have a couple of different state of the art computer jewelry design systems where you can see your ideas come to life. It is so much easier to imagine when you have a visual image to examine. So whether you have your own ideas or an open mind to our ideas, the possibilities are limitless. We can make anything from the beautiful classic designs with a close eye to detail to something very imaginative, artistic or contemporary! And, if you don’t have any jewelry you can part with, another terrific possibility is to start from scratch and design something totally from imagination! How special! What better way to mark the important milestone events in your life than a beautiful new one of a kind piece of jewelry designed especially for you?

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