Sapphire - American's favorite color gemstone

Sapphire has been credited with the powers of protecting the innocent and named the celestial guardian of the truth and purity.   It is also thought to bring health and youth and is a symbol of the heavens. Sapphires represents truth, sincerity, and consistency.   Ancients believed the Ten Commandments were written on a sapphire tablet.  The sapphire is the official birth stone for the month of September and the suggested gem gift for those celebrating their fifth and forty-fifth wedding anniversary.

Sapphires have universal appeal - everyone seems to love to wear them possibly for their beauty and durability.  They are second in hardness only to diamonds so make an ideal gemstone set in jewelry to wear often, even daily - especially rings and bracelets that receive the hardest wear.  Jewelry trade magazines call sapphires “America’s favorite gemstone” and they are the number one seller at gemstone shows, year after year.

Sapphire, a variety of corundum, comes in all colors except red ( red corundum is actually a ruby).  The most popular color of sapphire is blue - all shades of blue, light to dark navy. The ideal blue gem color that commands the highest price per carat is a medium bright royal blue but, like everything in life, we tend to pick them for our own personal preferences.  Pink sapphires have experienced great popularity lately.  Pink sapphires can range in color from soft pastel shades to a hot bright flamingo pink color.   There are also golden shades, green, even orange as well as purple. The non-blue variety of sapphires are typically referred to as fancy color sapphires. We have an incredible one of a kind multicolor sapphire bracelet in stock right now that is the most beautiful use of color I have ever seen.  It is truly a work of art! Pretty as a rainbow!!!

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