Going Green

Every where you turn you hear the term green. It is all over the airways on radio and television. Political campaigns are full of it! It is now more thentsavorite garnet ever politically correct to be concerned about our natural assets to save our earth for future generations. Green is "in" in more ways then one. Green as a color is peaceful, revitalizing and enchanting. A natural wonder, green is both energizing and restful. Around the world, green is the color most associated with nature and represents life, abundance and freshness. Lovers of green are social and well adjusted. Neat, kind and generous, they are a loyal partner and friend. If you seek balance and escape, earthy shades of green are naturally attractive.

Green gemstones such as Chrysoprase, Emerald, Bloodstone, jade and green ( also known as chrome) tourmaline are great options if you seek Mother Nature’s peaceful hue. On the vibrant side, bright greens such as Tsavorite garnet, Green Paraiba Tourmaline, and peridot are excellent choices if you desire an energetic green. Be naturally delicious with green gems.


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