What color is Best?

    I often hear this question when people are intent on purchasing a gemstone.   They are understandably interested in obtaining value.  They want me to tell them what color is best. By that they imply they are looking for the finest color.  That color that is the most sought after.  

    I tell my clients to forget about what other people think is the "right" color.  Choose your gemstone based on the color your feel is the most appealing.     If you are fortunate you will  choose a color you love that is not that "right" color.  The  end result could be you end up with a beautify gemstone that cost substantially less than another stone that you don't even like.

    Demand and rarity have a profound impact on value.  In colored gemstone rarity is usually  related to the gemstones' color.

    Important as this may be to value it doesn't answer the question, "What do you like?"

    Personally I prefer sapphires that are slightly lighter in tone.  I like a rich, lively color.  These stones are sometimes referred to as "Ceylon" color.  Their per carat value is significantly lower than that of the highly prized "Kashmir" color.    

    A Kashmir colored sapphire would have a violet-blue color and be somewhat cloudy or  translucent in appearance.     I am fortunate, that the color I like best in sapphire is not the most expensive.

    I recommend you follow you heart and select gemstones that appeal to you.


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