We restring pearls and beads. Most pearls are strung on a silk cord. The cord is typically knotted between pearls. Over time the string can become frayed or stretched. If you can move pearls between the knots or it you can see signs of fraying I would recommend you have your pearls strung on new silk cord.

Gemstones beads are strung on a variety of materials. The edges of the round hole drilled through a gemstone is often rough. The jagged edges can easily cut through silk cord. That is the reason you often find beads strung on thick cord, wire or plastic line.

If you are unsure if your pearls and beads are in need of repair please visit Laney's we will be happy to inspect your beads.

Have you ever wondered why pearls and bead are knotted between beads?

Several years ago a client came in to have her pearls restrung. She told me this story. She was a realtor closing on a property. For a number of reasons beyond her control it was imperative she handle the closing on a specific date. It was late afternoon and she was rushing to complete the paperwork. She bent down to pick up a piece of paper that had fallen on the floor. Standing up she caught the strand of pearls she was wearing on the corner of the desk. The strand broke and beads went everywhere! To make a long story short she with the assistance of her clients and her coworkers managed to find all the beads and complete to sale all on time! Everyone was considerate but needless to say she was deeply embarrassed. Per her request we strung the beads on new silk cord. The strand was knotted between pearls.

Even when we are stringing lower priced beads we knot the strand periodically. In the event of a break the risk of the loss is limited.

Did I mention we sell Cultured Pearls and Beads!

If you are interested in purchasing pearls or beads please visit us. We will be happy to show you our selection as well as explain the differences in quality and value.


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We restring pearls and beads