Sassy Gold Fashion

    More women are treating themselves to fine gold jewelry for work, evening and weekend wear. Women are buying gifts of gold jewelry for their friends; gifts for men, mothers buying for their daughters and sisters, friends buying for each other . . .multiple opportunities for buying gold jewelry!

    Day or night, casual or elegant, fine jewelry can be worn with casual jeans, tailored suits or elegant evening attire.

    Everyone is looking for a new level of creativity, excitement and style. Designs that break with the past are understated and elegant or cutting-edge and bold. What best suits your personality?

    Gold jewelry is a fashion accessory with lasting appeal that goes beyond the current styles. From the first discoveries of gold in ancient times, its beauty and the ease with which it could be worked by skilled craftsmen has inspired and uplifted our spirits for ages. Today’s gold jewelry is about emotion. It can be subtle, striking or seductive. Gold enriches every skin tone with a warm, radiant glow unique among precious metals. This special glow imparts a natural sense of well being, harmony and balance to its wearer.

    Come see us at Laney’s Diamonds and Jewelry (now located in New Town at 5121 Center Street) and let us show you our beautiful and unique collection of gold jewelry - whether you are looking for a gift for someone special or a well deserved treat for yourself, we’ll have just the thing for you!


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American Gem Society

For generations of jewelers, those three simple words have embodied three complex ideas to which the society has always been dedicated:

  • Ethics

  • Knowledge

  • Consumer Protection