Laser “surgery” is now available for repairing/ manufacturing jewelry at Laney’s.  WeLaser Welder are the proud owners of a laser work station.  This laser welder enables us to restore and repair vintage jewelry, create new modern jewelry and safely work on heat sensitive pieces that previously could not be repaired!

 Some of the benefits of using the laser welder over the old hand held torch solder repair method are no discoloration of metal when heated and invisible seams that are a stronger bond.  It is cleaner and more precise. The laser’s beam is stronger than a traditional solder joint weld.  Acting as a miniature welder, the laser’s beam fuses two broken pieces of metal together with pin point accuracy .The laser’s tiny beam is safe for most metals (gold, platinum, silver, base metals) including delicate jewelry and costume pieces as well as eye glass frames (even titanium) which might not tolerate the heat of a soldering torch.

 With Doug, our trained laser technician on the premises, we are able to repair practically any item with the new laser.  The possibilities are endless.  We have been transported from the relative dark ages into the future with laser technology - the perfect union of science and art.  We are now able to design, manufacture, and restore pieces that are an impossibility for other jewelers.

When possible we choose to repair jewelry with our laser welder. Contrary to popular belief repair work performed with the laser welder can sometimes take longer than when the same work is performed with a traditional gas and oxygen soldering system.

We choose to use the laser because welds performed with the laser are stronger than joints soldered together with a gas and oxygen system.

This practical approach to our work is integral to our business approach. Quality not speed is our goal. We don't take shortcuts. We fix it right the first time.

Our work is guaranteed!

If you are wondering what the cost will be we will be happy to provide a quote before we begin work.

Jewelry repair work is performed in house.


We are proud members of these jewelry organizations:

  • American Gem Society
  • Jewelers of America
  • Jewelers Vigilant Council
  • National Association of Jewelry Appraisers

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