Pearls and Gold

    Pearls have been highly regarded and collected by famous and powerful people for centuries. They have been found set into gold to create crown jewels of several countries. In ancient times, pearls were believed to embody a living spirit and regarded with awe and mystery. The glowing natural beauty and luster of a pearl were paired with another highly prized ancient material, gold, to create fantastic works of craftsmanship. Gold may have been the first metal used by humans.

    Together the pearl and gold share a long and lustrous history. Each gained value independently as monetary equivalents and were used for thousands of years as such, but the two evolved together as a paired duo for personal embellishment.

    Pearls and gold have been cherished as symbols of purity and perfection, elegance and affluence, power and prestige and used for adornment, ornamentation and rituals in addition to their obvious value in trade. The allure of both pearls and gold has endured over time and across cultures to present day. The shimmering luster of pearls combined with the soft warmth of gold creates a magical combination that is at once sensual and serene. If it is true that pearls create a mystery, then gold provides the allure, contrasting warm and smooth to create a stunning combination that flatters every woman. The duo as accessories have the intrinsic adaptability to go from dressy to casual to stylish chic whether your piece of jewelry is estate era or more modern styling. From modern to timeless classic, no other combination is as versatile as the pearl nestled into a fabulous gold setting.

    As the official birth stone of June, pearl jewelry is sure to set the heart fluttering. Due to the seemingly endless choices, it is necessary to become an educated consumer when making a pearl jewelry purchase as different types and qualities will vary. It is extremely important to go to a trusted jeweler - one who is highly educated on the subject of pearls. At Laney’s, we will be able to accurately represent the differences and features that comprise pearl’s unique beauty. Pearl quality is judged by several factors, including luster (the quality of light reflected from a pearl’s surface), surface condition, shape, color and size. Most people agree that luster is the most important in determining value, the other factors contribute as well.

    At Laney’s, we are able to assist you in making this important purchase. We are educated and experienced jewelers - We have studied pearls and have a marvelous selection from which to choose.


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