Let’s start by describing what pave’ is - pave’ is French for "paved" and jewelry that is pave’ set looks like it has been paved or encrusted with gemstones that are typically diamonds but can be sapphires or other gemstones with a lot of sparkle in small sizes. Mastering the art of pave’ setting is a painstaking process, but when it is done by an expert, it’s impossible to see where one diamond ends and the next begins. All one sees is a sparkling field of brilliance. It resembles the twinkling stars in a night sky . . .very glittery!

    pave diamond and sapphire ringContinuing a trend that began several years ago, this year’s most popular jewelry look is rings, earrings, pendants and bracelets sparkling with pave’ diamonds. Stylish women know pave’ diamond jewelry is a wardrobe staple that works anyplace, anytime. Pave’ jewelry is a classic favorite among women because of its versatility. Pave’ set diamonds are feminine without being prissy or fussy. At Laney’s, we have lots of beautiful pave’ jewelry styles that can add sparkle to a business suit, look sporty when paired with denim or light up the room at a black tie event. And, once a woman puts them on, she will wear them day and night. Pave’ diamonds have that power!

    Another area where the popularity of pave’ setting is evident is in bridal jewelry. A pave’ mounting really dresses up a solitaire diamond engagement ring. We are seeing this in reference to the newly engaged as well as the already married looking to remount or refresh their wedding rings. The diamond pave’ pieces are usually set in white gold since the color of the metal blends better with diamonds. A good number of these pave’ diamond pieces have Victorian or antique inspired designs with filigree trims, cut outs, scalloped or lacy treatments. . .real timeless beauty.

    The incomparable beauty of one large, perfectly cut diamond is undeniable, but the combined strength of many small good quality pave’ set diamonds can be intoxicating as well. Choose from simple designs where the diamonds are used as accents like a pave’ diamond wedding band for example. Or, better yet, choose pave’ styles to set off your large diamond, go for a bold look that is encrusted with diamonds - the combination is irresistible and quite stunning. (By the way, if you are in need of a large diamond, we’d be happy to help you find one of those too!)


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