Custom Designs - Making the design work for you!


A lot has changed in the jewelry industry the last few years.  In the past custom designs were hand carved out of a block of wax.  If you make a mistake the designer would often have to start over.  Needless to say this was very time consuming and costly.  Many designers still operate in this fashion.

Today there are a number of other, forward thinking designers, who are prepared to harness the newest of technologies to improve this process.  I design jewelry on a computer using a CAD (Computer Aided Design) program.  This provides several improvements over hand carving.  CAD design offers me the flexibility to explore a myriad of design possibilities.  I can bend, twist, add to, subtract from any design and in short order see the results of these changes.  If I like how the design is progressing I continue.  If I don't like the approach I simply step back to a point where I am happy with the design and continue from there. 

From your vantage point as the consumer this offers you the opportunity to play an active role in the design.  That's right, we'll work together.  The design is likely to change as we progress.  Together we'll fine tune the design to insure the final outcome is both pleasing and practical to wear. 

I can't emphasis how important practicality is.  I see far to many design that are poorly designed and structurally unsound.  No one wants an item of jewelry that is uncomfortable to wear or is likely to break or loose gemstones.  

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