What Colors Do You Wear?

    With gemstones available in every color under the sun and each of us experiencing color individually and uniquely, you have the ability to say a lot about yourself with the jewelry you wear.

    Red, yellow and orange are traditionally "warm" colors as they are associated with sources of heat (the sun and fire.) These colors are welcoming of passion and inviting of attention.

    Then blues and purples are known as "cool" colors due to their associations with deep bodies of water and open skies. Whether you see yourself gazing out over the beautiful blue sea or relaxing while watching the sky purple with sunset you can be sure to find calming powers with this palette.

    Meanwhile, greens and browns elicit thoughts of nature and growth. From the beauty of trees to a crackled desert, these combinations embody a comfort and warmth that only act to enhance the beauty of stones mined from the earth.

    So, let us help you find jewelry to accent your inner artist. Discover the colors that you like to wear in your wardrobe and how to mix and match to compliment your own individual style. Do you want to wear neutral tones in your jewelry to give more attention to your outfit or vice versa? Do you like bright spotlight jewelry to accent neutral clothing? With all of the emotional qualities that colors embrace, individuality can be brought to life just by asking, "What jewelry do I feel like wearing today?


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