Care and Cleaning

    Separate your jewelry.  Place individual items in compartmentalized areas within your jewelry box or in separate containers such as plastic zip lock bags.

     Remove all jewelry before showering.  Soap will form a film on your jewelry.

    Put jewelry on after applying makeup or cosmetics.   Chemicals in these substances can dull the shine of gold and harm the nacre on pearls.

    Avoid wearing your jewelry in a swimming pool.  The chlorine can weaken your jewelry by reacting with the metals that are combined with the gold in your jewelry.

    Avoid wearing jewelry, particularly jewelry containing gemstones,  when you are involved in activity you would not consider doing in one of your nicer outfits.  A blow to the side of a gemstone can dislodge a gemstone.    
    House hold cleaning products typically contain abrasives, these chemical can dull the finish of gold and abrade certain gemstones.  

    Salt water culture pearls should be strung with a knot between pearls.  Cosmetics and ordinary wear will weaken and stretch the cord on which the pearls are strung.  


    Diamonds and colored gemstones set in karat gold can be cleaned by following the instructions found on jewelry cleaner.  

    Great care should be taken in cleaning emeralds. Generally, I recommend you ask your jeweler to inspect and clean your emerald jewelry.  Emeralds should never be placed in an Ultrasonic cleaner.  

    Pearls should be cleaned with a mild soap and water solution.  Care should be taken to avoid soaking the silk cord on which the pearls are strung.  

    I recommend you get your jewelry inspected semi-annually.  This is a service we offer free to our customers!  In many instances, losses can be prevented  through  a regular program of inspection and repair.  

    If you have specific questions  about care of your jewelry please feel free to contact us.   


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